Simply Cleaning at Bungalow 62

I love my house to be clean and orderly

But (of course there is a but right?)

I don’t want to spend my entire day cleaning!

 clean (1)

This is what I’ve learned to do to make my weekly cleaning go quickly and smoothly.

For Starters: 

My bed is already made, that’s the first thing I do in the morning…well after I have my cup of coffee 🙂

  • Clean the kitchen first…I always find it much easier at the end of my cleaning routine if the kitchen is already done.
  • Stay focused on the task! (another words, no checking email and social media a gazillion times 🙂 )
  • Play music you love.  (I happen to love classical piano music – it works for me!)

Now we are getting to the nitty gritty…

  1. Go through the house with a garbage bag and collect all the trash.  The only thing I don’t collect at this point is trash from the bathrooms.  Why?  When I clean the bathrooms I don’t want to fill the empty trash any cleaning discards.
  2. Pick things up and put them away
  3. Gather the dirty laundry – put it in the laundry room
  4. Dust the House
  5. Vacuum
  6. Clean the Bathrooms
  7. Wash the Floors

Now that I’m all finished cleaning, I can relax with a cup of coffee in a nice clean and welcoming home.

Simply Living, Simple Cleaning.

From Us to You

Bungalow 62


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