Have A Simply Joyful Week!

Monday Morning Blues?

No Way!!!

Monday is the blank canvas of the week.

Joyfulweek (1)

It’s the day to set goals, make plans, move forward.

It’s the perfect day to make it a simply Joyful week…

On the Plate at Bungalow 62?

For the Dudette 🙂

I’m planning an Easter Birthday Dinner

That will include

  • Appetizers
  • Ham
  • Sour Dough Dinner Rolls
  • A Couple of vegetables –
  • Black Forest Cake
  • Fancy Dishes
  • Flowers
  • Cloth Napkins

I’ll be sharing the progress during the week

As for The Dude?

He will be checking on his beehives – he had 12 when the season ended in 2016.  Found he lost four  during a January check.

We are hoping that we still have 8 hives left.

I’ll be updating that tomorrow with pictures

That’s the Monday News – wishing you a joyful week!

From Bungalow 62

Simply Living a Joyful Life 🙂


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