BeeKeeping at the Bungalow

Beekeeping With The Dude  🙂

The “dude” started beekeeping about 15 years ago and learned a lot by reading, taking classes and trial and error.

We have a total of 8 bee hives to keep an eye on, and yesterday’s weather was perfect condition to check the hives.


He checks the bees periodically to make sure the queen is alive and there isn’t anything odd going on.

Once the hives are checked if you do find something not quite right, it’s a matter of taking the appropriate action.

After his check he found that we have 7 hives still alive, they aren’t as strong as he would like to see.

One hive didn’t make it 😦

To strengthen the hives he will be feeding the bees a sugar syrup.

I started asking my husband a ton of questions last night, and what I learned.  There are all sorts of different ways to approach beekeeping.

His advice to anyone who wants to start beekeeping.

  1. Start small
  2. Read Books, Beekeeping for Dummies, By Howard Blackiston –  is a book he recommended
  3. Join a local Beekeeping club.
  4. Take a class if there is any available in your area.

If you have a question about beekeeping, fill out the form below and I’ll give it to the Dude…:)


That’s the Beekeeping Update

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

Simply Living a Joyful Life!






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