When the plans go awry what do you do?

I had such good intentions

I had such good plans for my Sunday Dinner.

But some things can’t be helped and don’t feel guilty about that!  It is what it is.

plans awry

When plans go awry what do you do?

You make the best of it.

I planned on doing meal prep for Sunday’s dinner yesterday but a nasty stomach virus stopped me in my tracks.

What can you do?

  • Make the best of it, do your best and forget the rest…do what you can.
  • Most important is Rest!

If your not wanting to actually sleep…

  • Do things that don’t require a lot of exertion
  • Read the things you’ve been putting off
  • watch a sappy movie
  • Write, journal

I look at these little twists and unexpected things as an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to step back and reflect

And when you feel better, like I do today.

It’s an opportunity for gratitude for all the things you can do.

Simply Living a joyful life

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