Fancy Dinner or Buffet?

I really wanted that sit down fancy dinner for Easter Sunday, not a buffet but

But the logistics of seating 10 adults and 5 kids in the dining room  just wasn’t going to work. Too Small a room, too many big chairs…


On to Plan B… It’s good to have a Plan B, but sometimes Plan B has to be done by the seat of the pants…

My “sit down fancy dancy dinner” ended up being a buffet.

A buffet meant those fancy napkins folded into glasses wasn’t happening either.

folded napkins

All of us at one table? That didn’t happen either!

We ended up at two tables on our unfinished porch…

The nice thing about a buffet is it’s easy-going, relaxed and low-key.

It may not have been what I pictured but it turned out to be  a simply beautiful day 🙂

What’s up for you this week?

I’m beginning a 3 week Detox/Cleanse and while I’m at it I thought the house could use a good spring cleaning too.

My Detox/Cleanse means no dairy and gluten-free 😦  both things I adore.

Instead of looking at it as a burden I look at it as an opportunity to create some interesting and tasty recipes.  I’ll be sharing my journey with you in the days ahead.

And as for the cleaning – I started with windows and got five done today.


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