Fittin’ Life into Spring Cleaning

The thing about spring cleaning is it takes time.

Time is a commodity that needs to be protected.

Yet Spring Cleaning is something that needs doing – or should I say a thorough cleaning ought to be done on occasion.

But how do you fit life into the Spring Cleaning Thang?

spring cleaning

When we bought our home 5 years ago, I vowed to do Spring and Fall Cleaning. . . Every Year!

I finally finished my first round of spring cleaning in the fall  🙂

LOL…The Fall Cleaning didn’t happen and I fell out of the routine because

Life Happens

And when you are and entrepreneur, a solopreneur, working tends to take over.

To fit spring cleaning in, do my job, and  do the things I love to do . . . there needs to be some  sacrifices to be made..

Sacrifices Made

  • My workout routine gets shortened to 20 Minutes.

At the least I’m still working out.  Fortunately for me, and you too, if you love to workout, there are lots of 20 minutes or less programs out there…

  • 20 minute or less workouts
    • Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30
    • Christine Bulluck EVO
    • HIIT workouts (I love the ones that come with Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson)
  •  Piano Practice is shortened.  The time I do get to practice is focused on pieces I will be performing.
  • Meals are Simplified
  • and last but not least…
    • I fit my writing/blogging/sewing in when I can in the afternoon.

Like now, I’m finishing up this post, and I will be working on some sewing next.

The house will get cleaned and things that need getting done will get done.

Simply Living a joyful life

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

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