Gluten Free doesn’t necessarily equal healthy.

Day 5 into my Cleanse and I’m cranky 🙂

How’s that for simply living a Joyful Life?

You see, I don’t buy it.  I do not believe for a minute that wheat  is evil.

gluten free (1)

Like the Dude said the other day;  “you”re trading the devil you know for the devil you don’t.”

Let’s just talk Xanthum gum for instance…

I wondered what the hell is Xanthum Gum?

Xanthan Gum is made by fermenting corn sugar with a bacteria, Xanthomonas campestris. It’s the same bacteria that creates black spots on broccoli and cauliflower. The result is a slimy goo that is then dried up and ground into a fine white powder.

When I found out, I said…Like hell I’m putting that in my food!

I don’t eat the black spots on my cauliflower either.

God put wheat here for a reason.  Wheat has Gluten that not EVERY BODY needs to avoid.

Gluten holds your bread together.  

With wheat you don’t have to find all these weird alternatives to hold your dough together.

Yes –  I am embarking on a cleanse to get rid of toxins that I MAY have breathed in while working in my Quilting Studio.

No  – I will not live a gluten free or dairy free life forever – maybe not even the entire 3 weeks!

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Bread is life

  • With that said it doesn’t mean you should sit at the table a gobble up a loaf of bread.
  • Everything in moderation
  • Keep your diet balanced
  • Stay informed but don’t make yourself crazy.
  • Keep in mind, the internet  is a place where everyone on God’s Green Earth has an opinion, including me!
  • Gluten Free doesn’t necessarily equal healthy.

And that is the dudettes opinion

Simply Living a joyful life…Really 🙂

From Us to You

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