Bloom Where You Are Planted

At about 2 AM I felt God say to me “Bloom Where You Are Planted”

It thought…well that’s dumb, so I’m just supposed to stay where I’m planted and never venture further?

That thought wasn’t even fully developed when I had the answer.


First I had to back in time.

When I took a part-time office job at a church, I hadn’t worked in over 15 years.

I was scared to death when I started working again!

But this job was such a blessing!  It presented me with so many opportunities.   Ones that made me blossom into a new and better person.

What started as a simple secretarial job ended up being much, much more.

It’s where I first started my journey of life long learning.

I never questioned the opportunities, I took them on happy for the challenge.

As things do in life the job came to an end.  It was time to move on . . but I didn’t.

I kept hanging on to what was and it has stagnated my growth for  7 years.

God sent me this message last night to tell me to see the opportunities that abound in my life.  To stop looking back on what was.

I’ve been “planted” in a beautiful small home.  My work is here on the internet.   And the opportunities for me are many.

My new mantra, if I even get close to being a negative Nellie… is Bloom,  Bloom where you are planted.

I hope that you too will look for opportunities to bloom and blossom in your life.

Happy Wednesday

With Love

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

Simply Living a joyful life!

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