Life’s Roadblocks Can be A Blessing

Roadblocks are there to stop you from going down a certain Road or Path…


To protect you from an unsafe situation.


What about life’s little roadblocks?

Life’s Roadblocks aka setbacks or obstacles can be frustrating.

Sometimes they make you feel like just giving up.

But what if you look at it from a different perspective.

The setbacks that make you stop or just make you mad…

  • Also  make you slowdown.
  • They force you to rethink the situation.
  • They force you to come up with a new path.

When you shift the course, to work around that roadblock, you might take the scenic route, or maybe find a shortcut you didn’t know about!

On that new pathyou can find new opportunities.

As long as you aren’t consumed by the roadblock!

Whatever the “roadblock” is, it might just be a good thing.


I’m in the process of creating an online quilting class and it has been fraught with obstacles.  Money and time being the biggest ones.

Those obstacles force me everyday to pursue all my options.

It also allows me to see how much I want to do this.

I find myself scheduling chunks of time specifically for my class.

Life’s Roadblocks are a way to work out the situation, to look at things from different perspectives.

They force you to slow down and breathe.

They can help you recommit to a plan or see that it wasn’t meant to be.

Life’s Roadblocks can be a blessing.

Enjoy them 🙂

Simply Living a joyful life!

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