Bo – Jee – What???

Welcome to my Freaky morning and my secret weapon for blog post topics 🙂

The first word in my head this morning were Bojeedoor.


What the heck that meant I had no clue –

Close the door?

A twisted Bonjour?

We were watching a show last night with an English butler speaking french, so maybe that’s the way I heard someting and it just stuck in my head!

I decided it would make for a fun and silly blog post.

with a  title that simply say’s Bo-Jee-Door.   That goes against all the rules and advice of having the perfect blog title.

Sometimes rules are made to be broken.

I decided to look it up, just in case it was really a word.

and well

It actually is a place!  Cape Bojeador

Kinda freaky

The correct spelling Bojeador

Cape Bojeador  is the northwestern tip of the island of Luzon in the Philippines.

View from Cape Bojeador Lighthouse-c.jpg
By View_from_Cape_Bojeador_Lighthouse.jpg: Siklab
derivative work: P199 – This file was derived from  View from Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.jpg: , CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Well so there you have it –  my secret weapon to blog post topics 🙂  

A word or phrase that pops into my head.

  • Last Thursday it was a phrase:  Bloom where you are planted
  • Friday was “roadblock
  • Yesterday – nothing I had nothing but quilt blocks running through my head!  Maybe I should have  talked about the joy of quilting
  • Today:  Bojeedoor (that’s the way it was in my head)

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

That’s the beauty of simply living a joyful life!

You never know what surprises the day will have.

Hoping today brings you joyful surprises, a few laughs, time to take a deep breath, and relax!

With gratitude for hanging out with me this morning.

Simply Living a joyful life  🙂

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

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