Be The Miracle!


Who doesn’t like upbeat? Happy Positive quotes?

The kind that make your heart sing?

The kind that drag you out of your cocoon and give you hope?

Well apparently there are people out there that would rather stay negative I guess.

miracle (1).png

They are the ones that hide those kind of posts on your Facebook page.

Why do people get negative and want to stay negative?

I think we’ve all been there;

Something goes wrong in your day – maybe someone lets you down.

It makes you feel crappy and you just want everyone else to feel your pain.

Problem is – you just end up making someone else feel crappy.

and on and on it goes.

One negative crappy person making another person feel negative and crappy.

But wait….if it works that way;

Well? Of course it works the other way  – and quicker.

Let’s say someone let you down.  and you’re really pissed about it.

So you crab about it to someone – who was in a good mood.  It takes awhile, a long while sometimes to get them in a bad mood.  All this time  YOU’RE becoming more negative!

Turn it around my friend.  Forget the person who let you down.

Find something to be super grateful about (like that person you can crab to if you wanted) but instead – give them a hug today and tell them how special they are to you.

Now you’re in a better mood – feeling as light as a feather – and he or she?  She’s in an even better mood.

And on and on it will go.

Share the love – not the hate

Share the hope  – not the fear

Be encouraging – not discouraging.

Be Positive – not negative

Be The Miracle

Simply Living a joyful life…Really 🙂

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

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