Simply Gorgeous Gardens

It’s exciting to see all the hard work of planting flowers.

Between weather, time, and space it was a struggle to get all the perennials in the ground last season.    I wasn’t even sure they would take because some were so root bound!


But I have Faith this year we will have Simply Gorgeous Gardens

Plants are amazing and seem overcome such odds, I planted some along my stone wall in soil that was less than optimum, yet there they are little plants struggling to survive and getting stronger every day.

The Peonies we planted several years ago have gorgeous deep pink blooms and the Coreopsis is ready to bloom.

The herb garden is also bordered with Coreopsis and Lupine both blooming along with echinacea.


This spring we planted over 150 annuals – Marigolds, Impatiens, and Petunia’s.

The Gardens need a bit of weeding and we’ll be planting the Herbs this weekend

It will be Simply Gorgeous here at the Bungalow this Summer!

We will be sharing the progress with you, but until then have a simply gorgeous day!

Simply Living a joyful life!

Creating our own little Paradise!
From Us to You

Bungalow 62

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