The Bond Between Dog and Owner

The Bond I have with my pup, Darcy, is a strong one.   Sometimes I’m not sure who suffers from separation anxiety more – me or her 🙂


After the passing of our beloved beagle, Dexter,  we weren’t planning on getting another dog.  But I missed the company of my four-footed buddy!

Enter Darcy who is a rescue dog.

The one thing I wanted is a dog who was lovable.


The first month with our new pup wasn’t easy and to be honest she and I didn’t hit if off that well.  She would hide between the couch and a table.  And liked my husband  better.

Afterall, I was the one who gave her the first bath, ran a vacuum to clean the house, and exercised in the morning doing cardio workouts.  All of which she scared her.

I was saddened by the fact our new pup really wasn’t too keen on me.

It all changed with the “Brush Game”.

darcyandbrush (1).png

I had her brush and started pushing it back and forth – much to my delight she responded by biting at it and playing with me.

The bond that  formed is strong.  I love Darcy with all my heart.

I worry about her when she’s home alone.  I spoil her rotten, she deserves it.

When we go out for a long day, we often have someone come to the house to hang out with her.  Yes, we get our dog a babysitter!

We’ll  also cut an outing short to come home to care of her.  Remember Dog’s don’t have thumbs and they are kinda depending on us.

It’s not that she’ll have an accident in the house, she rarely has.

I just don’t think she should have to be uncomfortable for hours, just because we feel like staying out late.

Recently someone said to me “I wouldn’t ruin my life for a dog”.

Trust me we aren’t ruining our lives by giving our dog a higher priority then a party!

Yes she is a “dog”.

But as Darcy say’s  “Dogs are people too!”

As a dog owner, I have a responsibility to give my pup the best care I can.

They are with us for such a short while and give us unconditional love.

Why then, should I treat this animal, this beautiful gift, with anything but love?

The bond between a dog and it’s owner is strong and special!

Darcy is now 6 years old and a bundle of love

“You can’t buy love – but you can Rescue it”

Simply Living a joyful life…with our dog 🙂

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

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