Planting The Herb Garden, a work in progress

This garden is a work in progress and on that has 3 season of planning behind it

It’s finally planted!


Sure it doesn’t look like much


It took working on the space when we could, season by season.

Marjoram, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, and Basil
herb garden (1)
All the herbs I love to cook with.

They are planted in a curve  behind the bird bath.

Our next step in this garden design is some patio stones for a walking path.

I can’t wait to use all these fresh herbs in my cooking creations!

As for our mint – we decided against adding that to the herb garden since it has a tendency to spread like crazy.  We are putting that into a large pot and keeping it on the front porch.  Easy picking for my ice tea, lemonade, and infused water.

While we were doing our gardening and weeding yesterday, Darcy wanted to get into the photo shoot too!garden helper.png

And look at these Monster hostas!

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monsta hosta!

I’ve decided these need to be moved next spring and replaced with a smaller variegated variety.  These will look wonderful along our stone wall!

The lesson of the herb garden? It all comes together day by day, season by season.

Gardening our way to a Simply Joyful Life!

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

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