To Make The Bed Or Not?

I grew up being taught to make the bed every morning.

We used to joke around “Will The Bedroom police arrest us if we don’t?”

But I made my bed, because that was one of my daily chores as a kid.


When I got married, I continued this habit for awhile – but at some point I stopped.

If company came to the house I simply closed the bedroom doors.

Later and in a different house, I made the bed when we had company – since they did need to walk through our room to get to the bathroom.

I also used the floor under the bed to store a bunch of…well looking back, I’d call it “crap” or  maybe you’d like the work “junk” better.

Storing Junk under the bed also means lots and lots of dust bunnies will gather there.

In the late summer of 2009 I started ready books on Feng Shui.

I was intrigued!

And began Feng Shui – ing the house.  Starting with the bedroom.

I rearranged it and got all the “crap” out from under it.

I also embarked on rediscovering the beauty of making the bed each morning.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because, recently I fell out of the habit.

Why and How?

One day while “researching” information on the internet.

(I’m calling it researching, you and I both know I was just twiddling away my time, on the internet 🙂  )

Anyway, I came across a post that said

You shouldn’t make your bed, instead let it air out,

I started folding the blankets down neatly and leaving our bed unmade.

But this turned into simply leaving the bed unmade and messy.

Yesterday it dawned on me that I had fallen into the lazy habit  of leaving the bed unmade and horribly untidy.  Which just feels yucky when you get into bed at night.

A few weeks ago I read in a magazine article stating the pro side of making your bed.

Making your bed gives you a whole bunch of positive feelings.

For starters:  you’ve started the day accomplishing a simple but important task.

I’ve goon back to making the bed each morning.

It looks nice and I like my house to look nice.

Plus if I don’t make the bed, that pretty quilt stays folded up on a chair.

And that’s just shameful!

Oh, about using under the bed for storage?  Don’t unless you absolutely have to. Keeping Dust Bunnies at bay is a much simpler task with nothing under the bed.

What do you think?  Make the bed every day or let it air out?

Simply Living a joyful life!

From Us to You

Bungalow 62

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